Git SVN Clone Since Specific Revision or Latest Revision

If you have a project that use SVN and already have so much revisions there, cloning it as git repository could be a problem, because all of the revisions will be downloaded.

The best practice would be only clone revisions that you need. For example, we only need to get the project since revision r1020 until the last one, we can do something like this.

git svn clone -r1020:HEAD project  


mkdir project  
git svn init  
git svn fetch -r1020:HEAD  

By using technique above, we can save up a lot of time and storage.

See on the -r1020:HEAD, it should not contains space between -r and the revision number. Don't write it as -r 1020:HEAD because it's invalid.

Also, it's possible to clone the latest revision only, by using -rHEAD.

git svn clone -rHEAD project